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Alaeddin Pasha || Osman Ghazi Who Is Alaeddin Pasha ?

Hello Friends! Welcome to VidTower You have seen and heard stories of the glory of many kings and princes of the Ottoman Empire. Throne wars continue to intensify in every age But what a glorious time it will be when two brothers are supporting each other instead of fighting for the throne Examples of these two will be given to the living world Both were sons of the great Osman Ghazi

Who founded the Ottoman Empire One became the future Sultan and the other the Vızır We have already talked in great detail about the life of Great Orhan Ghazi If you want to know his golden history So go to the link in the description And after Orhan Ghazi,

Who Was Alaeddin Pasha ?

everyone was very interested to know about the life and events of his brother Alaeddin Pasha. So today we have come up with some important information about his life Alaeddin Bey who is mentioned in Ottoman Empire especially as Alaeddin Paşa He is also known as Alaeddin Bey,

alaeddin pasha
Alaeddin Pasha || Osman Ghazi Who Is Alaeddin Pasha ?

Ali Paşa and Erden Ali Alaeddin Pasha was born in Sogut He was the only child of Osman Bey’s wife Bala Hatun This is what most of the arguments state Such confusion is due to the historical differences between Bala Hatun and Malhun Hatun. Alaeddin was the only child of Osman Bay from Bala Hatun Let it be accepted So when he was born this difference is even more serious

The history of when Alaeddin Paşa was born is very complicated The real difference is who was the eldest son of Osman Bey between Orhan and Alaeddin Historians differ on this point But according to most traditions,

Who Is Alaeddin Paşa ?

Alaeddin Ali was the eldest son of Osman Bey You must have been shocked to hear that Because it is believed that Orhan Ghazi was the first child of Osman Ghazi Many historians believe that Orhan offered the throne to Alaeddin after his father’s death for the same reason.

Because he was bigger than that But Alaeddin Bey, while displaying high morale, acknowledged his younger brother’s ability and bestowed the honor on him. And since Paşa is written with the name of Alaeddin Ali And so he was called because of being a Vızır But some events show that in the ancient Turkish tradition the eldest brother had the title of Paşa

The matter is very serious as to which of the two brothers was the elder brother Because in the future Orhan Ghazi would have taken over the reins of the empire. And the events of Alaeddin Bey’s early life are not recorded in history It is only a matter of time before he is born Some historians give his date of birth as 1280 and some as 1282 But to date,

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no final decision has been made It is worth mentioning here that in the famous Turkish series Kuruluş Osman he is portrayed as the younger brother of Orhan Ghazi. It is difficult to know much about his early life as there are not many details about him in history

There is no specific information about where he spent his childhood and where he got his education But it is said that Alaeddin Ali was very close to his grandfather Sheikh Edebali He spent most of his time in his monastery And from there he studied Since most of his time was spent in the company of dervishes

So instead of being an aggressive warrior, he was a gentleman But it is not that he was far from the battlefield and the sword He was also proficient in combat skills But some historians disagree According to Idris Bitlisi, Alaeddin was not as interested in war as Orhan Ghazi. And instead of expanding the newly formed Ottoman Empire,

History Of Alaeddin Bey ?

he preferred to stay at home Or trained in the management of state affairs It is believed that this was the reason why Orhan Bey was chosen to lead the empire But remember that Alaeddin Bey’s services to this great state were also visible This was considered after the death of the great

Osman Ghazi in 1323-24 That a power struggle is about to break out between his sons But these two brothers made a history that will be remembered forever After the death of his father, he convened a council according to Turkish tradition In which Orhan Baley offered Alaeddin the leadership But Alaeddin refused,

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saying so That his father had appointed Orhan as his successor It is said that Orhan Bey also asked to divide the empire into two equal parts But Alaeddin opposed it and did not agree to break up the empire According to some historians Ahis also supported giving power to Orhan Bey And that is why he became the ruler of the great state The argument is that Alaeddin Bey,

considering his brother’s fighting abilities He considered himself worthy of this honor And recognizing his power, he considered him entitled to this throne And swore allegiance to him Alaeddin Paşa spent time with Osman Ghazi as a consultant And at the behest of his father, he remained in the service of Sheikh Edabali in Belçik

The rule took over by Orhan Ghazi And Alaeddin did not allow the state to be divided Accepted for himself a village near Bursa Then, around 1328 or 29, Alaeddin Bey came to congratulate Orhan Ghazi on his victory During this visit he made a significant contribution to the Ottoman Empire Because Orhan had also asked him to become his Vızır So he accepted the responsibility According to some writers,

this was the time of Alaeddin When the Ottomans, on his advice, ceased to function under the control of the Seljuk rulers The Ottomans have issued their own coins instead of Seljuk coins He also stopped using the name of Seljuk Sultan in his sermons According to some historians,

this happened during the reign of Osman Ghazi However, some historians attribute these changes to Sultan Murad I due to a historical error In fact, Alaeddin was behind all these deeds It was he who gave Orhan three suggestions for the betterment of the great empire

The proposals included the introduction of a financial system, the dress of Ottoman officials and the complete reorganization of the army. Around 1328 or 29, silver coins in the name of Orhan Ghazi were issued Which were issued following the advice of Alaeddin Bey He did a lot of work on the discipline of the Ottoman army He also chose different types of uniforms for the civil servants of the empire,

separate uniforms for the army and high uniforms for the military commanders. In this way, military and government officials were able to assert their legitimacy in the leadership This was the main reason why Alauddin Bey received the title of Paşa That he was the first minister of this great empire When Alaeddin Paşa was the Vızır of State

The Diwan of the Sultanate was not formally established then Alaeddin Paşa was the sole minister of state That is why history remembers him as the first Vızır of the Ottoman Empire During his tenure in the ministry, he was instrumental in the issuance of coins,

military uniforms and legislation He issued white hats for the army instead of red ones Alaeddin Paşa had suggested that the army be divided into different parts And a senior officer of each division Who controls it It looks like a very simple organization But it shows Before that there was no discipline in

the army Nor was it subordinate to any one person Alaeddin Paşa also ensured that state laws were made keeping in view the present times After performing important services for the empire, he resigned from the ministry

So it turned out that when Orhan Ghazi was reaping various victories And was engaged in expanding the great state So his brother stood firmly on his back And molded this empire into a higher order Apart from participating in Ottoman state affairs, Alaeddin Paşa led a very quiet and pious life. He built many mosques

The mosque Alaeddin Bey Cami in Bursa was completed in 1335 It was a simple but high mosque of Turkish style Which had to be repaired in different periods Like the birth of Alaeddin Bey, the details of his death are not recorded According to some traditions,

he went to the Belçik fortress with the right of mercy According to a rumor, he died at Biga fort According to some traditions, he was martyred on the battlefield While some evidence that he died in Bursa Nothing can be said about where he actually died But his grave is in Bursa near his father Osman Ghazi and brother Orhan Ghazi

The date of his death is said to be around 1332 or 33 After that his descendants are mentioned in Bursa papers and history books The names of his grandchildren are written in the period up to 1522 How do you feel about the historical life of this son of Osman Ghazi and Rabia Bala Hatun? And what historical character do you want us to know about? Be sure to let us know in the comments box If you like the video, please like and share it. See You Soon!


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