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Konur Alp History In English & Urdu

Why is Konur Alp in the history of the Ottoman Empire? What conquests did Konur Alp make for the Ottoman Empire and how did he become friends with Osman Ghazi? And to what extent do the facts presented in the Correlation relate to reality? ? Hello friends, in today’s video we talk about the real-life of Konur Alp , then let’s move on to our video.

If the Turkish historian thinks that the most important war in the history of the Ottoman Empire after Ottoman is the Ottoman Empire. If you are doing this, you guess the appearance of one of the converts on the fact that it came out of the hands of Osman Ghazi. Even the oldest pictures. In them, too,

Who Was Konur Alp History In English

you will not teach Konur Alp on one side and Akcha Kocha on the other side, but not Ottoman historian. Is present in ‘Uthman and in a name published after that, a historian has also mentioned Konur Alp in his book for him.

Konur Alp History In English & Urdu
Konur Alp History In English & Urdu

Stated in front. Audience: In the local Turkish language, Connor means deep or light Chas Keller, Chas, is called oak tree and its fruit color is light brown. The history of Konur Alp starts from there. When Osman Ghazi was not the chief of the Qai tribe and was only hunting for friends and this was the time when Ertugrul Ghazi was the chief of the Qaili tribe. In addition, Samsa Chawsh,

Who Was Konur Alp History In Urdu

Akcha Kocha, Ikat Alp and Abdul Rehman Ghazi were also among Osman Ghazi’s friends. And when the parliament, at the behest of Osman Ghazi, the chief of the Qai tribe, Ertugrul Ghazi. Then his knowledgeable friends became his most trusted fighters. And then came the time when these soldiers were involved in war campaigns with Osman Ghazi.

But Konur Alp had a special place in all of them. This is because the earliest history of the Ottoman period is available. In it, Konur Alp was called Osman Ghazi’s most trusted confidant. Now the audience we talk about what was the family of Konur Alp , then it is said about his family. Konur Alp was from the family of a border commander fighter.

The warriors of the frontier government were the ones who responded to the responsibility of the empire to keep an eye on those who met the Byzantine borders in the western part of the empire. Its frontier borders meant that the number of commanders was quite high and the task of guarding the borders of the Seljuk Empire was considered a sacred mission.

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Now that we know what Konur Alp has done for the Ottoman Empire in the end, because of which his name is still alive today with great greatness and love. ۔ The first conquest of Konur Alp , he said, forced many Byzantines in northwestern Anatolia to agree with Osman Ghazi, and thus addressed the Qai tribe. Alp, who sought help from a tribe in the state,

believed in war tactics. And ancient Turkish war tactics, including the Kurdish captive halal power and the Turan tactic. With their help, Conralp conquered the forts of Guevara, Soyo and Kara Bush.

He then conquered the region of Regutarsia together with Akcha Koja and Abdul Rehman Ghazi. Konur Alp made the conquest of many towns in western Anatolia the homeland of the Turks, but the greatest conquest was the conquest of Doze and its environs.

In the same area, a town was named after him, and many other settlements and villages were named after him. According to Idris, Osman Bay came to know about an ambush set up by the governor of Enagol to assassinate Osman Ghazi. So he consulted his close ones about it. And those close to him included Konur Alp .

In addition, when the explosive Tatars invaded the Ottoman territories, Khan Ghazi stepped forward to subdue them. He was accompanied by Satok Alp and Konur Alp , and at a time when Osman Ghazi’s aim was to conquer Aznak, he planned to establish a new military zone in the area and separate it from the rest. ۔

In order to eliminate the supply routes of this city, for the same purpose he appointed Konur Alp as a border commander like Akcha Koja while Barsa was also instrumental in the conquest of Barsa which was the life of the Ottomans in the life of Osman Ghazi. Was the biggest dream and the biggest campaign because the conquest of Barsa was the last campaign of Osman Ghazi’s life.

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During which he died. After the death of Osman Ghazi, Connor came under the leadership of Alp and Khan Ghazi. But the audience could not live long after the death of their friend Osman Ghazi, and in the same year that Osman Ghazi died and Barsa was conquered, the same year Konur Alp also conquered the area and the fort.

History Of The Ottoman Empire Ruler Kunor Alp

They were given the responsibility and management but after the death of Conuralib Sultan and Khan Ghazi gave the responsibility of arranging these areas to their son Prince Murad.

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I don’t know where he is, but historians estimate that he is in hell. There is a mausoleum in Connor District named after Konur Alp and outside the tomb of Ertugrul Ghazi in Sogut which is his tomb.

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Wherever the grave is, may Allah bless and bless his grave wherever it is. If you want to see the story of Osman Ghazi’s other Alps, Boran Alp Saltuk Alp and Gogtog Alp, click on this playlist, and subscribe to the channel. Click here for Please let me know in the comments section how you guys like this video


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